“After having spent 24 years in New York in the fashion business and having worked with manufactures all over the world, I wanted to focus on working with artisans to produce Lutz Morris. It has always been important to me to know under which conditions things are being made, who is making them and how people are being treated.”

We didn’t want to work with big factories in far off places, but with small family-run workshops where we would know everyone personally and where individual attention would be given to every single piece.

This fulfilled our mission to create a timeless product that would last for years not seasons, a product made consciously and with purpose that anyone could feel good about purchasing. Our research brought us to Tina Lutz Morris’ native Germany with its centuries-old tradition of beautifully handcrafted leather goods.

Germany’s exceptional leather manufacturing is something not well known beyond its borders. We saw an opportunity to utilize the timeless skills and quality workmanship as well as to foster and preserve what is a slowly disappearing craft.

To fulfill this mission:

  • We work with local artisans and several of the last remaining luxury leather goods workshops and tanneries in Germany that are still family owned and independent.
  • We know everyone who works on our bags personally.
  • We only partner with manufacturers who care for their employees and provide a safe and respectful working environment.
  • We want the next generation to see a future in learning the craft and the value of keeping this expertise and heritage alive.
  • We believe in a close and transparent relationship between our Berlin based design studio and everyone who is part of our production chain.


Everyone who works on our bags receives:

  • Full health insurance
  • Maternity leave for mother or father for up to three years.
  • Job security through the end of maternity leave.
  • Maternity leave prolonged by another three years if another pregnancy occurs.
  • 26 – 30 days of vacation per year, depending on seniority.
  • 6 weeks of sick leave paid at full salary, after that paid at 80% of salary.
  • Safe and healthy working conditions regularly spot checked by the German government and us.