I met Arianna shortly after I moved from New York to Berlin. She had just done the same move which made us bond right away.

Arianna is from Peru and was working as a product manager at the music tech company SoundCloud. After a few years she decided to follow her lifelong passion (and family heritage) to become a chef. She trained with the best Victoria Eliasdottir in Reykjavik and Berlin and at Chambre Separee in Gent, before becoming a chef. All of that while juggling a pregnancy and now toddler. (Hi Tino!)

Arianna’s food is out of this world. Her passion for ingredients, provenance and techniques combined with her passion for the arts makes her food an unforgettable experience.
Her Italian dad passed on his love for Italy and while waiting for the restaurant world to fully open up again, she is currently working on a cook book on Umbrian food.

Our most memorable shared moments have always been accompanied by delicious meals and wisdom infused conversations and wine ;) To many more of those!"