Luxury bags handmade consciously by artisans in Germany

Fair trade, 'slow' and responsible production | Gold-rated German tanned leather | Local sourcing of hardware, trims and packaging

We donate $10 for every bag sold to Every Mother Counts

Winner of the 2020 sustainability award by the NY Fashion Group International.

Our NY Tribe

They say ‘Home is where your Tribe is’, which makes New York Tina’s home.

Back in January 2020, Tina invited her friends to come on a cold, sunny Sunday to a photo studio in Manhattan. Some of these friendships started in 1992 when Tina moved to NY.

For the last five years she has been spending most of her time in Berlin, which made this photoshoot even more special in that it united all those who are important to her.

The instructions were:

‘Come as you are, your clothes, your hair, your make-up and pick a bag from the collection #6 to be photographed with.’

Our favorite photographer Daniela Müller-Brunke flew in from Berlin to capture everyone.

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Our three values

Lutz Morris doesn’t just strive to make better things, but to make things better.

We strive to step lightly and pay attention to even the smallest steps in our production process.
We put a lot of care and thoughts into making informed choices.
Every decision is based on the following three values.

This is ultimate luxury for us.

1. Responsible Production

Why do we call what we do ‘responsible’ and not ‘sustainable’?

Because we choose not to greenwash.
A lot of other brands would call what we do sustainable.
But we believe that producing things will inevitably leave a footprint and therefore is not sustainable.
This is why we prefer to call what we do ‘responsible production’.
To us, this feels more honest.
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2. Artisanship

“After having spent 24 years in New York in the fashion business and having worked with manufactures all over the world, I wanted to focus on working with artisans to produce Lutz Morris. It has always been important to me to know under which conditions things are being made, who is making them and how people are being treated.”

We didn’t want to work with big factories in far off places, but with small family-run workshops where we would know everyone personally and where individual attention would be given to every single piece.
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3. Altruism

Why do we donate $10 from every bag sold to EveryMotherCounts?

EveryMotherCounts is dedicated to preventing maternal mortality worldwide.
Our founder, Tina Lutz Morris, has been involved with the charity since its inception.
She knows first-hand how trustworthy, efficient and effective EMC is and how dedicated they are to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere.
EMC was founded by Tina's friend, Christy Turlington Burns.
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