The last years have shown us how important it is to be
surrounded by people who are supportive, inspiring and kind.

We call the people in our orbit our ‘tribe members’.
We wouldn’t be who we are without them.

Around the world, we invited our #LutzMorrisTribe to be photographed with
 their favorite Lutz Morris bag.
The instructions were: ‘Come as you are - your clothes, your hair, your make-up
and pick your favorite Lutz Morris bag to be photographed with.’
And we asked everyone to fill out a short questionnaire.

Meet the tribe:



Agnes Barley, New York



Alexander Werz, Milan



Angela Mariani, New York



Angela Meredith-Jones,
New York



Ann Ogden Gaffney,
New York



Anna Suznjevic, Berlin



Arianna Plevisani, Berlin



Ashleigh Yarsinsky,
New York



Azama Bashir, Berlin



Becca Parrish, New York



Benjamin Rousseau,
New York



Catherine Pfisterer, Berlin


Carlin Greenstein, New York



Christine Park, New York



Clara Hranek, New York



Claudia Hofmann, Berlin



Cynthia Barcomis, Berlin



Disco Meisch, New York



Donald Schneider, Berlin



Eugenia Gonzalez, Berlin



Frauke Gembalies, Berlin



Gayle Dizon, New York



Gisela Williams, Berlin



Janine Foeller, New York



Jens Pieper, Berlin



Judi Wong, New York



Kay Nickel, Berlin



Kelly Turlington Burns,
New York



Keysha Cosme, New York



Lucia Restelli, London



Luisa Weiss, Berlin



Lydia Mauer, Berlin



Maca Huneeus, New York



Mandie Bienek, Berlin



Marcus Kurz, Berlin



Maria Cornejo, New York



Maria Schoenhofer, Berlin



Marlene Sørensen, Berlin



Marlon Rapoport, New York



Maryam Keyhani, Berlin



Mary Gail Doerhoefer,
New York



Mosch Khanedani, Berlin



Nayara Branco-Saeuberlich, Berlin



Nick Vinson, London



Nicole Colovos, New York



Norma Quinto, Berlin



Oriane Baud-Donner, Berlin


Quynh Tran, Tel Aviv



Rachel Dodes, New York



Renate Aller, New York



Rhiannon Kubicka, Milan



Roma Von Der Walt, Sydney



Sally Singer, New York



Sarah Min, New York



Simone Shubuck, New York



Stella Lee, Berlin



Stephanie von Behr, Berlin



Susan Cernek, New York



Susanna Howe, New York



Talia Balsam, New York



Tara Maurice, New York


Terry Zucker, New York



Thakoon Panichgul,
New York



Tiffany Bui, New York



Tobias Ulmer, New York



Yolanda Edwards, New York




... and many more to come!