I love this picture of Becca Parrish.
It captures her so well, always smiling and lots of fun.

She calls herself a ‘SMALL biz owner of Becca PR’, a communication agency for hotels + restaurants + chefs.
But it feels BIG. The who is who of the hospitality world are her clients.
From Le Bernadin to The Odeon, from The Polo Bar to the Rainbow Room,
from Café Altro Paradiso to the Ace Hotel,
from the Standard Hotel to the Gagosian Gallery, they are all her clients.

Becca can’t live without her peppermint chapstick and is fascinated by jellyfish.
She used to play in a band, but can’t play Backgammon. (I’ll teach you!)
When you go to dinner with Becca in NY you get spoiled with extra drinks and dishes.
She is blessed with a fast metabolism that allows her to still wear the same Levi’s corduroy ski overalls after 30 years.

Then Corona came and hit the hospitality business.
Becca kept her calm and positive attitude and joined the ‘good news movement’.
Her regular newsletter updates were upbeat, connecting clients to big sponsors
or charities, promoting home deliveries,
reporting about chefs turning their restaurants into commissary kitchen,
or delivering meals to hospital workers.
I have always been looking forward to her newsletters.
They taught me so much about attitude and making it through this pandemic.

Thank you Becca!