Carlin Greenstein made the ‘merger’ complete, since we originally met in Berlin.
Back then we were both new expats with our husbands and kids in this exciting town. We explored together, traveled together and reminisced about New York and the things we missed. The highlights were always dinners at Carlin’s. She is a personal chef and culinary consultant, her food is out of this world. She has deep knowledge of nutrition and taught people with terminal illnesses to use food as medicine.

Then Carlin and her family moved back to New York and left a big gaping hole in our Berlin life. The recipes she left behind are a small consolation. We miss you.

For you New Yorker if you want to be in for a treat:

Carlin in her own words:
For me, healthy eating is not a fad. It’s been my life. This is the path I have chosen to follow. I love sharing this with my community, my family and my clients. There is always something new to discover, to embrace and to relish. For over twenty years I have shared this knowledge, experience and inspired love of food to help others to discover their own personal strength, well-being and joy through culinary consciousness. I prepared meals for financial moguls in Gotham’s towers, for entertainers dancing across the silver screen, for hungry mouths in Rome and tested new ideas for culinary pioneers. I developed a culinary wellness and health coaching program for the prenatal and the postpartum and for everyday athletes.