Catherine Pfisterer is the owner of Bazar Noir, located in the heart of Kreuzberg in Berlin. It is the most beautifully curated shop offering a carefully selected mix of handcrafted furniture, objects and art that are simple, yet avant-garde.
At first sight, all of Catherine’s objects seem to be selected for their design and look, but there is more to them: they are all produced by artisans.
Tina and her husband Justin met Catherine as customers, but quickly became friends, even traveling together with their kids.

Catherine didn’t stop with Bazar Noir. On a constant quest to find beauty, quietude, and peace, she became a meditation teacher and founded tær a mindfulness project. She offers one-on-one classes and groups sessions via her unique meditation practice called ‘anchored meditation’, making her a sought-after teacher.
She even adopted an orphaned elephant called Meibae.
Nothing can stop Catherine!