Do you know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time and you have an immediate soul-energy-crush on them? I had that crush on Clara Hranek when I first met her three years ago in Greece when she was just 15.

She is wise beyond her years, smart, super funny and someone you want to talk to for hours. She’s so comfortable being herself, more than many adults I know. She loves old movies, musicals and she used to collect rotary phones. Apart from finishing high school this year, she is a passionate photographer since 2018.

She is a fan of Slim Aaron and mainly shoots on a Nikon FG film camera using color negative film. Swipe or visit her website and you will see that her work is also beyond her years:

It is not only for the fact that she grew up with her photographer-dad Matt and her editor-mom Yolanda that she is so good. They might have helped to train her eye, but nobody can teach talent. She just has it.