So much has changed in Judi Wong’s life since the pandemic started.
Working for three restaurants in New York, Covid has not made things easy.
But Judi has the amazing ability to see things in a glass-half-full way.
Always with a smile and with compassion she manages to give everything a positive spin.
So inspiring! I would be devastated if any of these three restaurants would close.
I consider Café Cluny my second NY home, The Odeon is a NY institution since 1980, (google Vanity Fair’s article!) as well as Café Luxembourg.
To balance the stress of work and raising a teenage boy (I can relate ;) she creates the most beautiful pottery.
She says that the only consistent thing in her life is her cell phone number which she has had for decades, because everything else changes.
Judi knows how to be ok with change.
So should we all.
Especially after 2020.