I met Mosch a few years ago, through a book club she started with Maria Schonhofer in Berlin. Our friend Lydia Maurer invited me to join and since then Mosch and I remained close friends. And how lucky am I that she lives around the corner from me?

Mosch's career is expansive, working across PR, marketing, creative consulting, writing, curating, production and more.
With everything that Mosch does, there is a red thread of creativity - connecting messages, people and words.

She worked with creative agencies, i.e. helping to create and host the first seasons of Berlin Fashion Week, or concepting and touring incredible art events for Smart Cars and Mercedez-Benz, creating innovative (art) exhibitions across major European cities like Paris, Amsterdam and Rome.

Since moving back to Berlin, she freelances as a cultural manager/ managing editor.
She is also the creative consultant for the political foundation Alfred Landecker Foundation, helping to protect minorities and combat antisemitism by creating projects that push for an open, inclusive future.

As if she doesn't do enough, she also works part-time in the bookstore Uslar und Rai, reliving her interest and degree in British and American literature.

Mosch says she gravitates towards people but as her life shows, I think that it's people that gravitate towards her.