Rachel Dodes is humble. In her questionnaire she filled out under occupation: ‘freelance writer’, but she really is an AMAZING and COURAGEOUS freelance writer!
She is not afraid to tackle issues, that result in receiving death threats.

We met over 10 years ago when she covered fashion for the Wall Street Journal and wrote about my previous line Lutz & Patmos.
Rachel is now a regular contributor to Vanity Fair and a co-host of a weekly news|comedy podcast called “Nope."(Listen to it!)
In her questionnaire she says that nothing makes her happier than being cuddled up in bed with her family and dog.
She filled out the questionnaire before the pandemic.

In April she wrote an article for Vanity Fair with the title:
‘How Donald Trump Almost Killed My Husband’ (google!)
Rachel’s husband Josh was one of the first Covid19 patients in New York and one of the few lucky ones who survived after having been on a ventilator for days.
It was touch and go for days and Rachel and her young son had to wait at home to get news, while her sister in Berlin gave us day by day reports.
When Josh finally left the hospital the news cameras were rolling and the hospital staff gave him a standing ovation as he was being driven away.

I hope Rachel’s wishes of moving to another country, to travel to Africa and to returning to Kyoto will come true. She and her family deserve it!