To anyone familiar with the fashion business, Sally Singer needs no introduction.
Her resume is impressive (see below), but what I love about Sally is that she has always been a breath of fresh air in the New York fashion scene.

She is the coolest. (She is a single mom of three boys, who until recently lived in the Chelsea Hotel.)
She loves fashion, but doesn’t follow it. (She still wears dresses she bought in middle school.)
She has been instrumental in furthering the careers of so many designers. (The list is too long.)
She sticks to her values. (She once turned down an important job because it didn’t match her belief system.)
She is adventurous. (One day I told her about the Berlin half-marathon and the next I heard she booked tickets for herself and her boys and she came and ran.)

I love the way she observes and digests fashion.


Sally has worked for almost 20 years at American Vogue.

First as a fashion features director for 11 years, then she took two gap years to be the editor-in-chief of T: The New York Times StyleMagazine.
Then back to Vogue as the digital creative director, where she has been instrumental in revamping

Sally recently left Vogue to become the head of fashion direction at Amazon Fashion.
I can’t wait to see what she will do there!