Next NY tribe member: Sarah Min!
She calls herself a consultant and do-gooder.
She is both, but more.
Sarah is a SuperWoman when it comes to organizing and motivating.
She can organize, tackle, schedule anything while getting everyone excited and committed in the process.
She admits to being obsessed with politics.
Her pre-election emails were the most informative I received and I am subscribed to a lot of them.
If you wanted to know how to register, to vote early or in person, to canvas in Pennsylvania (success!) how to call voters in North Carolina whose votes have been rejected, to sign up to become a poll worker, Sarah has you covered with tons of informations and links.
She is not stopping there since Biden became President Elect.
Sarah is now working on the two runoff senate races in Georgia.
I am in awe. Maybe Sarah can do all of this while raising two kids because she is not on social media?
What an honor she came to our shoot. ♥️