Susan Cernek is a word magician.
We met 19 years ago when she was writing for ELLE magazine.
It is intimidating to write about her, because since that beautifully written ELLE article,
I always think of Susan when a text needs to be composed: How would Susan word it?
Sometimes I would even send her an important piece for a final polish and it would always come back sounding so much better, cleverer and smarter.
Take the time to read her questionnaire you will know what I mean.
With just a few words she can create an atmosphere and feeling.

She likes ...
the sound of ice in a glass.
Cirrus clouds at sunset.
Jewelry warmed on the skin.
Dog earring pages.
Faded paint.
Fabric stores.
A well designed lamp.
Novelty mugs.

She describes her job as ‘behind the scenes at David Zwirner’, which is a code word for Chief Marketing Officer of one of the most powerful art dealers. David Zwirner is a lucky man to have her.