What do Lenny Kravitz, King of Leon, Maya Rudolph, the Woolworth family, Tom Sachs, Tiger Woods, Gael Garcia, Donna Tartt and Misty Copeland have in common?
They all got photographed by Susanna Howe.

We met decades ago at Sarah Sophie ‘s loft for a series of super fun, honest, kick-ass women’s groups. 20+ women from all different creative fields, coming together to eat pot luck and share. Susanna made me feel welcome and comfortable from the first moment on.

Fast forward to now. Susanna is a 🌟 photographer and writer. Her vision and photography style is everything I love.
She can’t live without avocado and chocolate chip (agreed!), she loves her dog’s breath (?) and wants to build an intentional community to retire in (we are in!).
She has never been to Berlin (we need to change that in 2021!).

It is such an honor that she came to the shoot to be in front of the 📸 for a change.