The Porter phone bag in raffia can be worn cross body or as a necklace. It features an outside pocket in our signature frame construction with single latch closure. This pocket has two slots for credit cards, receipts, cash and more. Porter has been hand crochet by a women’s artisan collective in Madagascar and was finished by our artisans in Germany with our LWG gold-rated German calf leather. Porter fits all sizes of phones and features our logo on the front. The stainless steel frame is 24k gold-plated.

• Porter phone bag comes in raffia and Monty, our signature LWG gold-rated smooth calf leather. Tanned in Germany.

• Custom frame is in 24k gold-plated stainless steel. Made in Germany.

• Porter is hand crochet by a women’s artisan collective in Madagascar and finished consciously in Germany by small family businesses.

15cm x 20cm x 2cm | 6r” x 8”x 0.75”

Strap Drop:
59cm – 44cm | 23” -  17.25”

Outside Pocket:
10.5cm x 7.5cm | 4” x 3”

Why do we call what we do ‘responsible’ and not ‘sustainable’?
Because we choose not to greenwash. A lot of other brands would call what we do sustainable. But we believe that producing things will inevitably leave a footprint and therefore is not sustainable. This is why we prefer to call what we do ‘responsible production’. To us, this feels more honest.

We put a lot of care into making informed choices. We strive to step lightly and pay attention to even the smallest steps in our production process. We embrace the ongoing learning this commitment requires. We believe quality and integrity must go hand in hand throughout the design and production process. To us, this brings heart and soul to everything we do.

Read more about our values here.

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