Grigsby | Tan

Please let us know the choice of your three monogrammed studs by adding your selection (letters A-Z, infinity or heart symbol) in the ‘Add Order Note’ section during the checkout process.

The LUTZ MORRIS x SASKIA DIEZ collaboration was born out of mutual admiration and respect for German traditional artisanship and responsible production.

The Grigsby bracelet offers space for three monogrammed studs available in the letters A-Z as well as the infinity and heart symbol.

Jewelry designer Saskia Diez based her monogramed 24K gold-plated brass studs on LUTZ MORRIS’ signature studs, which are used to adjust strap and belt lengths.

These studs can also be used to bejewel and customize any LUTZ MORRIS belt or bag with adjustment holes.

Saskia Diez’ eponymous jewelry label works closely with a select group of goldsmiths in and around Munich, Pforzheim, and Werne. Saskia Diez embraces environmental consciousness and craftsmanship by utilizing local production and recycled gold and silver.

• Grigsby comes in tan Monty, our signature traceable LWG godl-rated smooth calf leather, tanned in Germany. 

• Grigsby includes three 24K gold-plated brass studs of your choice, available in the letters A-Zas well as the infinity and heart symbol.

• Grigsby is closed by two Lutz Morris signature 24k gold-plated brass mini-studs.

• Grigsby is adjustable from 17cm to 20cm | 6.6” to 7.8” and is one-size-fits-all. 

• Grigsby is handmade consciously in Germany by small family businesses. 

Why do we call what we do ‘responsible’ and not ‘sustainable’?
Because we choose not to greenwash. A lot of other brands would call what we do sustainable. But we believe that producing things will inevitably leave a footprint and therefore is not sustainable. This is why we prefer to call what we do ‘responsible production’. To us, this feels more honest.

We put a lot of care into making informed choices. We strive to step lightly and pay attention to even the smallest steps in our production process. We embrace the ongoing learning this commitment requires. We believe quality and integrity must go hand in hand throughout the design and production process. To us, this brings heart and soul to everything we do.

Read more about our values here.

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